Using your Chatty Cards in the world

We don't want to tell you how to use your Chatty Cards explicitly when you hold them in your hand we hope you would instinctively feel how felt best for you. But we did want to suggest to you a few scenarios in which Chatty Cards could come to the fore in helping initiate/progress an awkward conversation.

We have created a number of scenarios which we hope illustrate just some of the myriad ways they could be used.

A doctor gets his patient to open up.

A New Mother feels invisible.

A work colleague sees a co-worker in need.

A student at breaking point from the weight of expectations of him.

Having no space for self-expression.

A mother struggling to communicate with her teenager.

D Day....

A Stroke Patient finds a way to communicate.

Post-operative non-verbal communication.

A Student Counsellor.

Communicating with a mute child.

Learning to express how how you feel.

Group Therapy.

Communicating within a Foreign Exchange Family.

A corporate away day.