Who are we?

Claude & Cat from Chatty Cards both come from medical families. And now both exist within non-conventional family units.

Claude & Cat are Trustees of Dragon Hall Trust, a Central London based community centre and Tech Hub bridging the digital divide by bringing technology and innovation to young people.

Claude is a certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing practitioner. Claude is the Secretary of the London West End Women's Institute and is an advocate of lifelong learning with a passion for education and personal development.

Cat was formerly a nurse before bringing up a family. Now a freelance Artist and Amateur Musician. Cat is a Trustee of Dragon Hall and a member of the Women's Institute.

They have seen in their working and family environments people in darkness and noted how hard it is for all parties to communicate.

Their hope is Chatty Cards will enable the beginning of the conversation to resolve these situations.

Claude & Cat additionally live with very high maintenance pets whom they love dearly.

They are very involved with their local community and passion projects. And are particularly interested in lifelong learning, community and making a difference in the world.

This is the reason why a percentage of profits raised from Chatty Cards will be going to one charity, DragonHall Trust / Soapbox whom they have been supporting in various ways for a number of years. This organisation supports opportunities for Children and Young People who are wanting to develop their interest in Music or New Technology where they can access the latest tech for free working with market leaders in these areas so long as they are able to get to their Central London locations.