Learning to express how how you feel

Famke sat in her English as a second language class. She was here because her employer through a European Company had insisted all staff based in London had a certain grasp of the English Language.

She was fluent in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Russian with the odd swear word in polish as a bonus. And the company she now worked with was stuffed full of European language speakers so her skills were strengthening in that area they were just weak in terms of her use of English in a working environment.

They spoke mainly German, Russian or Spanish to communicate at work. And as she spoke her mother tongue despite being in the UK a while she was not really using her English at all either at work or outside of work.

She didn’t really interact with shop staff as she shopped online, her neighbours were European so they all spoke together quite comfortably. But she was being made to attend these classes.

And she needed to express herself. When she did have the minimal possible conversation in English, it generally centred around the question of hi how are you?

And a "fine" just closed off the conversation.

So she had to learn to express how she felt in order to appear more open and also to express how she was because some days she was not fine.

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