Having no space for self-expression

Why Charlie might use Chatty Cards for her own Good Mental Wellbeing by checking in with herself daily. Also known as the importance of self awareness and expression.

Charlie works in a department full of boys. She has a technical job like her male colleagues and has to naturally work twice as hard to get half the recognition for what she does.

At work recently a new manager and department had have come on board and ideally they would like to sweep all the old staff aside.

Charlies knows the atmosphere at work has changed and she can’t quite put her finger on how/why she feels as if she is being ousted in a very subtle way. It all very passive-aggressive.

Coupled with this Charlie has a partner who we could politely call an energy vampire. His day isn’t “bad” it is “catastrophic”. He can spend hours moaning about his job and his life and the news and the world in general.

Charlie feels she can neither go to her colleagues nor her partner at home to discuss her concerns and slowly this beginning to impact on her health.

All Charlie needs in one area of her life is someone to say hey Charlie how goes things? How are you?

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