D Day...

The date was picked May 13th CJ has the date firmly marked in the diary. Quite how still a bit of mystery and CJ was had not really investigated the full logistics/mechanics and horrors of it all.

Better to be impromptu and spontaneous.

But there was a definite date and that was the main thing. The days coming up to the 13th seemed to go either in a surreal time bending way either super slowly or they would shoot by in quite literally the blink of an eye.

On the Friday CJ offered to host a goodbye lunch for CJ's colleagues, they of course had no idea.

Friday lunch was a tradition in the department. And they all had no idea. Each Friday someone in the department would suggest a place for lunch costing about five bucks. CJ figured with only 3 or so more days left it was okay to treat the colleagues' money was not going to be a vital part of CJs future moving forward so let’s do something really nice.

Lunch was amazing and during lunch one of CJs colleagues’ whispered just randomly “Thanks for lunch CJ very kind of you. But I wondered are you okay?” And CJ went home and replayed that lunch over and over mentally all weekend and the 13th came and passed.

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