Communicating within a Foreign Exchange Family

Doreen and Richard lay in bed listening to their foreign student moving about next door. This was their first time being a host family. It was for a week.

Richard though a fantastic linguist when it came to Western European languages but he had no ear not aptitude for Eastern /Oriental languages.

Years of Arabic and he could still barely be understood when he stated his name and where he lived.

Emiko as a young Japanese woman, Richard knew he had no hope of communicating with in Japanese. Despite the fact that the students were told they had to use only English in the presence of their host family, Doreen felt him toss beside her in frustration.

She knew he would want to stop hosting if he felt that he could not communicate with the student guests they had. She switched the light on and googled “Communication toolkit. Greetings/Feelings." And up popped something called “CHATTY CARDS”

Thinking fortune favours the brave and because had had no better idea she impulsively went ahead and ordered a pack with eh fastest shipping possible.

Meanwhile Emiko next door tossed and turned in frustration as she tried to make her moth from the words to express how she was feeling to her host family. She was rehearsing for tomorrow. She flipped through her “Emotion cards” that she had ordered online and checked her English to Japanese dictionary to make sure she was using the correct terms. Tomorrow she viewed she use them these CHATTY CARDS with her host family.

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