A work colleague sees a co-worker in need

Kate can see Kelly is not doing so well at work. She has gone from being really outgoing and vivacious.

Very life and soul of the office to quite and cross and withdrawn. Every day it is as if Kelly is trying to make herself ever smaller and more invisible. It has got the point that Kate is worried about Kelly during the weekends. Particularly after she has caught her on more than one occasion crying at her desk or shaking when she has had to speak to anyone.

Kate is not sure whether to cross boundaries and break down her own and Kelly’s natural British reserve so she decides to scribble down a note. “How are you?” She slips it under a chocolate that she leaves on Kelly’s desk. And is rewarded the next day with a returned note that says “I could do with a friend”.

Stiff British Upper Lip – Zero

Open non-confrontational communication - One

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