A Student Counsellor

Miss Raine sat and waited. This wasn't the first time Annie had come in to see her. Miss Raine was the social studies teacher and also one of the student counsellors.

Annie had been caught not for the first time displaying undesirable behaviours. Miss Raine was concerned Annie’s behaviour was off and it had been for a good few weeks possibly a few months.. There was nothing concrete, it was just a gut instinct. Miss Raine suspected something was wrong either at school or at home but Annie was high functioning despite whatever was occurring.

But Miss Raine suspected the mask was beginning to slip[p and Annie’s grip on maintaining the balance/wearing the mask was failing. The potential for this to go bad was incredibly high and she just needed to get her to communicate.

She had asked verbally and been brushed off by Annie previously so she just slipped her the pack of blue cards she had bought and waited silently willing her to within this session pick a card so they could begin to explore what was occurring.

The minutes slipped by. Annie didn’t move Miss Raine wanted to fill the silence and only slid the cards closer to Annie but maintained a definite silence.

One of them would break and eventually after 20 minutes Annie picked up the cards, looked at them, spent ages slowly going through them, having an internal dialogue where she weighed up which was most correct and whether she dared even pick one at all.

With a beating heart she slid the rest of the cards back to Miss Raine and turned one over. Miss Raine internally took a breath of relief looked at the card, nodded and asked. Do you want to further explore why you chose this card?

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