A Stroke Patient finds a way to communicate

Ed looked out at his friends and relations as they stood around his hospital bed.

He could read in their expression how concerned they were.

Plus he could hear their low murmured whispers. He knew they were not sure if he could understand them. Ed wanted to scream in frustration if only his mouth and facial muscles would work as they used to previously,

He hated the fact that he was having to use the language of yes or no to answer a question. And he could only do this by blinking.

He found himself drifting off mentally out of the room. As his ability to interact with everyone was so limited currently.

His description felt so heavy and he felt so alone.

His brain was in perfect order where he could follow everything but just not communicate. Literally the living undead. Aware of everything just not able to communicate verbally but knowing exactly how he felt. With the words unable to be expressed from his mouth.

Unnoticed by all present a tear slipped down his cheek.

Later a nurse came to him when his visitors had all left. She sat by the side of him and noticed the tear stain. And she asked him if she might show him some cards to help him express how he was feeling.

Ed blinked once for yes.

She held up her pack of bright blue cards. And slowly scrolled through them, until Ed blinked again.

It was going to be a long journey back towards where he used to be health wise but at least he felt he was on his way and more in control.

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