A New Mother feels invisible

Joey has always wanted to be a parent. She has lots of sibling with great children and joey is considered a great aunt.

She has worked her way up the career ladder and landed a great partner in the process. Her pregnancy has been difficult because she was trying to be all things to all people and did'nt want to admit she could work the hours, party hard be a homemaker and be pregnant.

Now the baby is here whilst she is on maternity leave she feels like she has stopped existing as Joey and is now just operating under the various labels of wife, mother, non-worker. She is coping with unexpected feeling, wanted but kindly offered advice and feelings of being invisible and no longer a person in her own right. But Joey does not feel like she can say anything because she knows how lucky she is and how everyone looks at her life from the outside and sees nothing but perfection.

Joey loves her baby desperately but she also wants to feel like herself again. Joey would love her health worker, her sister or even one of the mothers at the baby club so just say “Hi, how are you?

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