A corporate away day

No one likes Corporate Away Days.

Hey I am just saying it out loud. Or Maybe a rare few like Corporate Away Days.

You know the story of the monkeys in a tree?

The Company Managers look down and see “Happy Smiley” faces and the Company Staff look up and see...

Rowan who for his sins worked in HR or Personnel as it was called. He had been tasked with helping run the IT Department’s Away Day.

He knew it should be an easy thing. Its team building and getting people outside of the working environment where they were not drinking but spending time together collaborating in theoretically a non-stressful way.

Rowan shuddered as he remembered the reception he had received when he had popped down to IT to tell them even they were expected to participate in the Corporate Away Day. To say it had gone down like a bucket of sick was an understatement.

It was hard to communicate with the techies downstairs in the basement. He wasn't sure if it was because he worked in the lofty heights of the fifth floor of the building or if it was that he just didn't speak tech and if he had been a member of the team it would have been easier.

The Board had decided there was to be a real push on Mental Well-Being as a company priority.

Rowan googled how to communicate and initiate in a non-confrontational way of conversation. He suspected he would be the only non-techie involved in the IT Department’s Away Day.

An ad-banner appeared to the right of his email. - Chatty Cards - a Communication Toolkit. Conversations can change lives and change the world.

Oh what the heck thought Rowan... Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.

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